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I have a podcast called “Chillin with Dylan” where I have been interviewing former and current Big Brother players on their thoughts on Big Brother 22 (All-Stars II.) The latest guest was Nicole Anthony and she was kind enough to give me about an hour and a half of her time. I copy the interview word for word except for grammar issues. Some things we talked about were:

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Question: What are your thoughts on Big Brother 22?

Nicole: Your first question about BB22 since leaving it’s so so so discouraging and upsetting. I’ve never been a big alliance gal, surprise, surprise. So I always root for people that are not in it. I always root for the people that are “the underdogs.” So it was very discouraging to see after I left, Janelle goes, then Kaysar goes, then Bayleigh goes, then Ian goes, then Da’Vonne goes. And it’s like oh my gosh, the other side is just steamrolling. So I’m still holding out hope that Kevin and David can pull this one out. If not Enzo, you know Enzo kind of falls in a middle ground.

Question: Who do you think is playing the best game?

Nicole: I would have to argue it’s somebody like Cody. He’s in a big alliance. He keeps on winning things. He’s very good friends with Dani and Nicole. He is kind of in a very good spot.

Nicole Anthony BB22 Casting Photo / Photo by CBS

Question: I saw a tweet that the game might be broken. The thought process was that a big alliance starts in the beginning and the outsiders don’t make an alliance and try to stay face with the big group and they get take out one by one. The last season we didn’t have that was Big Brother-Over the Top. Do you think the game is broken?

Nicole: I think the game is in a faze. When you look at old school there were two sides and they knew who each other were. It was very clear, I’m coming after you, and you're coming after me. Then there was as the game evolved and people learned the social games and people played both sides and maneuvered. We started to see this shift from two sides to a small alliance that is a secret to people that are able to maneuver both sides to, what we have now, which is very much a whole group who can’t get their stuff together. I feel like it’s a faze that Big Brother kind of has to get out of.

Nicole Anthony / Photo by Entertainment Weekly

Question: One relationship that you had this season that I loved was you and Kevin. I’m going, to be honest, and say it surprised me because he’s an old schooler and your new school. So where did your and Kevin’s relationship start? Was it something made in the Big Brother community or was it made week 1?

Nicole: No, so I never met Kevin prior to premiere day. He and I have never spoken, texted, DM’d. Literally, on premiere day after we won the first part of the HoH competition, we were standing next to each other getting ready for the second part and he leaned over and said “I’m so glad you're here. I’m a huge fan and I just love you.” He was in all of his rainbow colors and everybody knows I love my rainbow colors. So I was like okay, I’ll see, I need to feel this guy out, I’m not sure yet. I need to assess the situation. It just clicked immediately and I trusted him and he trusted me. I found my one ride or die and that’s who I latched onto, that’s how I function. Kevin is very genuine in how he treats people. When I was sick he checked in on me. It was the middle of the afternoon and he checked in on me and would ask if I wanted some of his sandwiches. He’s a tremendous human being.

Nicole Anthony BB21 Casting Photo/ Photo by CBS

Question: Going back to Big Brother 21, I am a firm believer that if you and Cliff evict Holly over Tommy at the final 5 no matter which way the cookie crumbles you win the game. I think all three of them bring you to the end. Tommy might have the votes over you but I believe you beat Michie and you beat Cliff. Do you think you would have won vs Michie, Cliff, and/or Tommy?

Nicole: It is my firm belief and I will swear to this to the end of time and I obviously I wasn’t meant to win cause I didn’t. It wasn’t my journey. It’s my firm belief that I would have won against any of them, Tommy included. I genuinely believe that if I sat next to any of them I think everybody in the jury would have been like, “Wow the girl that we cast aside blew up our alliance and we almost got rid of her but we didn’t. She managed to make friendships with all of us, managed to win some competitions towards the end, and manage to sit in the final two chairs.” And here’s the thing I had speeches prepared, I knew everything I did in that house. I knew how I chiseled away at the Grateful Eight. I know how I screwed up the 6 shooters. I knew everything I did and I knew if I delivered that speech they would all be like wow not only did she do all of that but she owned it. I honestly think I would have won against any of them. What’s funny is on the finale stage nearly everybody told me, “Nicole if you were in the final 2 chairs you would have won.”

Question: The only reason I thought Tommy would have been 50/50 was that I think Christie would have tried to sway the jury.

Nicole: True. Very True. But I think I would have the argument that he was in an alliance with all of them and who did I have? I maneuvered my way here without you.

Question: You were a pre-school teacher. You are now a podcast host. I am wondering how the podcast started and how you met your podcast host?

Nicole: I was the type of person who loved English and decided to get my degree in English. I decided to declare education so I can teach at the middle school/high school level. And then I graduated and didn’t want to do that yet so I didn’t know where I was going to work. My sisters said, “Come work at the pre-school with us.” I went to the pre-school and worked as a 1 to 1 and as a Teachers Assistant. I loved it there and I loved the kids but I knew that wasn’t what I went to school for, it wasn’t where I was meant to end up, it wasn’t my niche. I was stuck and because I was stuck that’s why I was applying to Big Brother and I was like come on this is what I was meant to do. I was waiting for either a Master’s Program to get back to me or Big Brother. Big Brother called first and this is what was meant to be. After coming off the show I was going to take time to myself and that’s when it all fell into place. My now co-host interview me as a past Big Brother houseguest and talked to me about my game. He said he was also from Long Island, New York, and fast forward a month later and there is a meet and greet in New York City and Eric, that’s his name, he is doing the staff interviews at the meet and greet. I asked him to get lunch and he said okay. At lunch, we realized we had very similar interests and the shows we love to talk about. It just kind of snowballed. We covered “The Circle” and then “Big Brother Canada” and then “Tiger King” and then it kept snowballing and we decided to start a podcast where we talk about life. It just seamlessly fell where it was meant to. I think that’s why it happened the way it did. I think I finally found my niche. We have the “Hello Friends” podcast and we are happy with it and we are rocking and rolling.

Hello Friends Podcast Link: Here

Nicole Anthony / Photo by Entertainment Tonight

Question: Who is your prediction to win Big Brother 22?

Nicole: My want to win is David or Kevin or Enzo. Only because I have on the socks that we both have I have to say, Cody. I think it’s going to be Cody.

That was a snippet of the hour-long conversation I had with Nicole Anthony. In the podcast, we go into more details about pre-gaming rumors for Big Brother 22, not trusting Janelle, and her first impressions of some of the cast. You can check it out at the links below.

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