8. Look at the bright side even if you’re looking at a night sky.

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Photo by Aziz Acharki on Unsplash

I turned 20 years old on September 26th and while reading through articles on Medium it made me think of how much I’ve done and learned in 20 years. The last 20 years have flown by as it feels like just yesterday I was starting high school or even middle school. I am currently in college and working and I feel like I have found myself but also still exploring this crazy world we live in. 2020 has taught me so many things about myself and life in general that I wouldn’t have figured out for years if the Covid-19 pandemic never happened. …

A fake Ph.D., cheating scandals, and suicide were all involved in this case.

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Michelle & Martin MacNeill / Photo by ABC News

Michelle and Martin MacNeill were married for 30 years and appeared to be your average married couple. Michelle worked as a homemaker and a model while Martin was a doctor. Michelle and Martin met at a young adult event at their church and instantly fell in love. They eloped and were married in 1978.

Four months later, Martin would be arrested for fraud, forgery, and theft. Martin was able to turn his life around by earning a Ph.D. and working as a physician before being promoted to a Medical Director role. …

“Grow through what you go through.”

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Photo by olia danilevich from Pexels

Let’s just get it out of the way, 2020 was absolutely terrible. It felt like we were in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire dome where the clock strikes a new hour and a new terror emerges. Over a million people lost their lives in 2020 and we are all hoping that 2021 brings new life to us all. I had to find different things to get me through quarantine and quotes were one of those things. I absolutely love quotes and can spend hours reading quotes. …

A Kentucky Fried Chicken Receipt Solves This Love Square Murder.

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Anna Repkina / Photo by CBS News

True love is something that almost everyone wants in their life but it is so hard to find. Anna Repkina was one of these people who wanted to find true and endless love. Anna was born and raised in Moscow, Russia, and was a regular adult woman who worked who was trying to live her best life. She was recently out of a relationship and decided to try out online dating in hopes of finding Mr. Right. Anna matched with an American from Oregon named William Hargrove. Anna and William were love at first swipe as they instantly hit it off. They sent over 1,000 pictures, photos, videos, and memes to each other. Anna thought William might be the one she was going to spend the rest of her life with. …

You can not help people who don’t want to help themselves.

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Photo by Andrew Wilus from Pexels

I have been debating about writing this story for a few months now but as I see couples breaking up due to the stresses of 2020, I thought it would be helpful to share how love and drugs can never mix. Love wants the best out of people while drugs want the absolute worst.

This story starts in middle school, when I met my first serious girlfriend. For the sake of privacy, we‘ll call her Amber. Amber and I met and instantly hit it off. This relationship lasted into high school and young adulthood. We would hang out every day whether it was getting dinner or just taking a walk. My young, naive self thought that she might be the one. We were talking about going to college together and living the rest of our lives together. …


Was it for insurance money or self-defense?

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Susan Wright / Photo by CBS News

When people think of murder cases in the 21st century, Susan Wright is one of the names that come up.

Susan was born in Houston, Texas, and worked as a waitress when she got older and worked at a few different restaurants to pay bills. In 1997, while she was waiting tables she met a man named Jeff Wright and they fell in love.

The relationship evolved quickly and they planned to get married and have children within the year and by 1998, Susan and Jeff were married and 8 and a half months pregnant.

Their first child was born soon after and he was named Bradley. A few years later they had another child, this time a daughter and they named her Kayley. All of the citizens of the greater Houston, Texas area thought that the Wrights were a normal loving family, but that all changed on January 13, 2003. …

How one student’s obsession turned deadly.

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Emma Walker / Photo by Knoxville News Sentinel

Almost everyone loved Emma Walker in her small suburb of Knoxville, Tennessee. She was a cheerleader and had aspirations of becoming a nurse after high school. She was 16 years old and had a few years left before college and nursing school. Her boyfriend was 18 and attended Maryville College in eastern Tennessee and his name was Riley Gaul. He was a football player at the college.

Emma and Riley met two years prior when Emma was 14 and Riley was 16. In the public eye, they were your everyday high school sweethearts. Behind the scenes, it was constant arguing and fighting. …

All of my goals have completely vanished.

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Photo by Thomas Park on Unsplash

The world, not just the U.S., but the world hit its pandemic stride in March of 2020 and then became reactive.

This year has been pretty stressful, tumultuous, and simply crazy for everyone. Many people went from working the typical 9 a.m to 5 p.m in an office to working these same hours, if not more, in a home office, their dining room table, or maybe a bedroom. The education system has also been turned upside down. Educators, teachers, parents, and most importantly, students have felt the impact of the pandemic. Since the middle of March, students have shifted from attending class in person, sitting next to classmates and friends, and listening to a teacher actually teach a course to take classes online, through Zoom or Google Meet-Up. …

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The Challenge: Double Agents Logo / Photo by MTV

The Challenge used to be known as The Real World/Road Rules Challenge and was only for alumni of those two shows. Starting in 2017 on The Challenge: Vendettas former reality stars from Big Brother and England started to get cast. This has to lead us to people coming from Survivor to The Bachelorette to Love Island UK to America’s Got Talent and now to WWE. We have 10 rookies debuting on The Challenge: Double Agents on December 9th. Here are 10 reality stars who should be cast on Season 37 of The Challenge.

Just Missed the List:

  • Corey Brooks (Big Brother…


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