How one professor made me rethink if college was for me.

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Another semester at college is down. I’ve learned a lot, about myself, the subjects, and life. Surprisingly, this was one of my easier semesters even though I worked full time and blogged. Zoom has completely changed the identity of college and you can read my full thoughts on that here. I’ve learned a lot from some of my professors and have really enjoyed taking their courses, even using Zoom. I would take more courses with my psychology and history professors in a heartbeat. This story won’t focus on those positive experiences but the “track wreck” that college has become. …

3. I forced myself to write.

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I posted my first article on June 4th, 2020, one year ago, and so I figured I’d reminisce on what I’ve learned blogging this year. At this one-year milestone, I have over 300 followers, which although relative, isn’t too bad. I’m not a seasoned or trained writer, I worked and attended school full time and do this writing thing on the side. And with anything in life, there are pros and cons, and mistakes made that I can only learn from. Here is what I’ve learned after 365 days:

1. I relied too much on publications

Publications are a huge part of blogging especially on this platform…

She lead the police to the body as well.

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Jordan Lin Graham and Cody Lee Johnson were married on June 30th, 2013. Many of Cody’s friends thought something wasn’t quite right with Jordan and tried to talk him out of getting married. They believed that he was far more interested in Jordan than she in Cody. Cody ignored the warnings and he and Jordan got married. A week into the marriage Jordan started having doubts and wondered if getting married was the right thing for her. Jordan was scared of the pressures of marriage and thought she might not be ready for the commitment. Many of her friends described…

The Challenge All-Stars Cast Season 1 / Photo by Us Weekly


The Challenge All-Stars just wrapped up their inaugural season. It was a success as many fans felt this dynamic was what the current season was missing. After watching Total Madness and Double Agents we needed a good season and All-Stars was that. The running rumor is that they are giving out availability calls for season 2 and in this article, I am going to cast a season of The Challenge All-Stars: Battle of the Seasons. This would pay homage to the first Battle of the Seasons in 2002. Here are some of the rules.


  • 14 teams
  • One female and…

The Challenge Logo / Photo by MTV

The Challenge: Double Agents just finished airing and we got a new Challenge Champion in Amber Borzotra. Amber won in her rookie season and had one of the best final performances in Challenge history. This is going to be a cast list of 15 men and 15 women who have never won a Challenge Championship but could join Amber in the Championship club after this hypothetical season.


  • No champions cast.
  • I am going to try and keep it realistic so even though I would love for Bayleigh Dayton, Da’Vonne Rogers, and Heather Cooke to return it is not likely.

The disappearance and eventual murder case of Helen Bailey.

Helen Bailey / Photo by The Guardian


Helen Bailey was from Ponteland, England, and went to college at Thames Polytechnic (now known as the University of Greenwich) to pursue her dream career as forensic science. After graduating she got a job in communications and fell in love with it. She worked on marketing teams for popular cartoons such as Garfield and Rugrats. In 1996, at age 32, she met her future husband John Sinfield. During their marriage, Helen’s career blossomed, as she also began writing the very popular book series “Crazy World of Electra Brown.” This was a five-book series targeting the teenage market.

In February 2011…

Oscars / Photo by Deadline

After a crazy 2020, the 8 best films of the year have finally been announced, and it is almost time for the academy to pick the very best one. All 8 of these films bring something new to the table that we have not seen before. In this ranking, I am going to go from #8 to #1 and rank them on what I think was the best movie of the year.

8. The Father


A bite mark on the body is the strongest lead.

Dr. Margo Prade / Photo by Cleveland 19 News


Doug and Dr. Margo Prade appeared to be living the “American Dream”. He was Akron Ohio’s first African-American police captain. She was a very successful doctor with her own practice. In 1997, the “dream” shattered with a divorce and then 8 months later on November 26th, Margo was executed.

The Crime

On November 26, 1997, Margo called Joyce, a friend, and co-worker, at around 9 AM saying she was going to be a little late for work. Later that morning, Margo had not shown up, and then another co-worker ran into the office screaming that Margo was in her car and that…

Jasmine Fiore’s remains could only be identified by her implants.

Jasmine Fiore / Photo by Zimbio


Jasmine Fiore was born in 1981 and raised in Bonny Doon, California. She grew up very athletic and played many sports while also working at the local grocery store. As she got older she used her looks to her advantage and became a swimsuit and body paint model. She realized the need for models was very high in Las Vegas, Nevada, and moved there to work in casinos and also began working in commercials.

Jasmine did not want to be just a model though. Fitness and exercise were a passion for her and she had aspirations of opening a gym…

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