10 Big Brother Players That Should Get a 2nd Try

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Big Brother 22 / All-Stars II is currently airing on CBS and the fan reception is not well received. There have been several controversies from some of the houseguests. There are some players that have only played once that could have been selected for this season. Here is a list of ten players that should get another shot at the $500k dollar prize.

Just Missed the List:

  • Angela Rockstar (Big Brother 20)
  • John “Johnny Mac” McGuire (Big Brother 17)
  • Alex Ow (Big Brother 19)
  • Michelle Costa (Big Brother 10)
  • Libra Thompson (Big Brother 10)
  • Cliff Hogg (Big Brother 21)

Kemi Fakunle (Big Brother 21)

If there is ever a Big Brother: 2nd Chace season like Survivor: Cambodia then Kemi should get the first call. Kemi was on Big Brother 21 which is known as one of the racist seasons now. There were several microaggressions during the season and the Gr8teful or (H8teful) alliance took Kemi out. I would love to see Kemi get a chance to play again with a much better cast.

Frankie J. Grande (Big Brother 16)

Frankie J. Grande gets a lot of hate in the Big Brother community but one thing you can’t take away from him is his ability to play the game. Frankie was apart of a strong alliance in Big Brother 16 with Cody Calafiore, Caleb Reynolds, and the eventual winner Derrick Levasseur. Frankie was in a good position in week 11 as he was the Head of Household and had Cody and Victoria on the block. Instead of the house voting, one of them out they decided to hit the “Rewind” button and the week reversed a week and Caleb won Head of Household and Frankie went home. Frankie was loved by most of the house and won 5 Head of Households and 3 Power of Vetoes. He is a great player who should get to play again.

Michelle Meyer (Big Brother 18)

Michelle Meyer was the second person to call Nicole Franzel a snake after Christine Varner did it on season 16. Many fans are starting to see what Michelle and Christine were talking about now as Nicole is probably in the best position in the game but is also now officially known as a snake. Michelle played a pretty good game on Big Brother 18 but was taken out by the boy's alliance who was lead by the eventual winner, Nicole Franzel.

Chris “Swaggy C” Williams (Big Brother 20)

Swaggy C was the 2nd person evicted in Big Brother 20. He had a lot of numbers in his FOUTTE alliance, but Kaitlyn Herman decided to put her own ally on the block and accomplish of the dumbest moves in the history of the show. It would have been interesting to see how the rest of the season plays out if Kaitlyn put up Brett instead of Swaggy C so one of Level Six would have had to go home week 2. Swaggy C had a strong performance on The Challenge: Total Madness but lost an elimination to Cory Wharton. Swaggy C recently posted an Instagram post saying he is done with reality TV but maybe he’ll return in a few years.

Ovi Kabir (Big Brother 21)

Ovi Kabir also had to deal with the mess that is Big Brother 21. Ovi was the first person evicted after David Alexander was banished on day 1. David is still in the game on Big Brother 21 so I believe if Ovi got another chance that he would be able to play a much better game as well. Ovi is a smart person and likable person who should be able to make it far in his second season.

Jessica Nickson (Big Brother 19)

Jessica Nickson had to deal with the mob mentality of Big Brother 19. Big Brother 19 is one of the worst received seasons by fans. The majority of the cast did exactly what Paul Abrahamian said. If Paul said to jump then they jumped. If he said to go swimming then they went swimming. If he said to make him dinner then they made him dinner. Jessica and Cody Nickson were the only two who went after this giant alliance and were on their own. Some of the jury members started to realize that Paul was playing them in the jury house though. Jessica deserves to play on another season without a huge house alliance and a ruler running the season.

Eric Stein (Big Brother 8)

Eric Stein played with Evil Dick Donato during season 8. Evil Dick tormented the entire house and they still voted for him to win the game. Much of his success came from America voting for Eric to keep him around and get rid of other players. Eric was the first America’s Houseguest and it would be interesting to see how he plays if he was able to make his own decisions.

Kalia Booker (Big Brother 13)

Kalia played one of the best games on her original seasons. She got 5th place was a part of a strong alliance with Dani Briones and Porsche Briggs. Kalia won two Head of Household competitions during her season though and got rid of her ex-partner Lawon Exum and Jeff Schroeder. Rachel Reilly Villegas eventually got rid of Kalia and that was the last we saw of her on Big Brother. Kalia should get another opportunity to play because she is a smart player and on a season of all returnees she should go far.

Austin Matelson (Big Brother 17)

Austin Matelson played a very strong game on Big Brother 17 and had a strong 3 person alliance called “The Liztwins.” He won 2 Head of Household’s and 1 Power of Veto competition and was a very strategic player. He had a showmance with Liz Nolan and she ended up getting 2nd place in the season. Austin’s blindside was arguably the best blindside in the show’s history as Vanessa Rousso completely took him by surprise and send him to jury without any shoes on.

Vanessa Rousso (Big Brother 17)

Vanessa Rousso is one of the best players to never win the game. If she would have won the final Head of Household competition she would have won instead of Steve Moses. Vanessa ran the entire season by using her emotions. She is a professional poker player and knew how to read people and knew exactly when people were lying to her. If she came back she would be a huge threat but I believe she could still go very far in the game.

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